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The House of Purple

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Very often I was received with this question why I chose this name Purple Horn. What was so symbolic to the work I did, and I wanted to do and how this name would work and bridge that thought process?

Let me take you down a short memory lane on my journey and the eventually why I landed up with this name and what it means to me. My life is a mixed bag of opportunities and hits and misses. Right from my early young days I was always excited by visuals, artistic things, or people with the ability to take me away into the dreamworld. There were times that I tried very hard emulate them and their work. It’s still a very vivid reality in my life when I was enamored by magician David Copperfield and our very own PC Sorcar (father & son duo). This dynamic duo’s magic continued to rain on my excitement for a long, long time. When time was right and when I could sense that I could directly ask my father for something outlandish. My first asks those days were to get a simple ‘Do-It-Home’ magic box. This box contained the recipes for my dream to be explored and feel like I was like Copperfield or the Sorcar duo. Outlandish as that idea or thought was, I pursed that idea and my folks as well backed me thinking that maybe I could harness this skill right and do something with it in the long run.

Slowly with time my dreams became a bit crazier…as I was already fascinated by the mystery of the unknown or the mystery of how one person could suddenly become someone else and enthrall an audience and garner such public love and following. Thus, began my short by once again another exciting journey into the world of acting. Right from a young age if there was one thing that used to always play spoilt sport for me it was that I used to stutter as a kid. Though it wasn’t a big issue, and it didn’t really make for a big change in habits or correction I just felt that I could handle this through the abilities of both my learning's of magic and acting. How about I try and infuse the two and make a story out of that. That’s when I decided to try my hand at illusions. These were the kind of tricks that involved the kinds like: A body cutting in half trick, dove pans. Dove cage, walking through a ribbon, flying Zorb ball, and the fierce guillotine blade trick.

But, with time and age constraints of living in an urban apartment city life like Mumbai it made me change my approach. But my journey of being enamored with stories and excitement continued. That flavour was soon overrun by my growing exposure to movies and music. Music for me were lead by artists like Pink Floyd & U2. Music for me slowly but surely transcended me into an alternate world space. Slowly my love for music grew wider and wider. From music my journey progressed to movies. I guess his stories and themes and mannerisms helped me through my journey of understanding my story and journey. From getting introduced to Magic, Music to Movies, the 3 powerful M’s I got introduced to watching live Motorsports the final M in my life. F1 was soon becoming a popular sport in India, and it also got my fancied. Cricket as a sport was already around a long time and it’s fan following in India is near fever pitch over the borderline of godly status.

At the end of the day I have always been fascinated by stories that defined us. And what’s the one common thread that holds us all together. Each one of these fine experiences did just the above and more and have been important in charting out who I’ am. Such journeys and milestones and moments of glory and breakout success has always caught my eye and has always intrigued me along the way. For me it has always been about the journey one takes and the stories one creates along the way. With time our own journeys begin to take shape and evolve. Through the seeds of such experiences grew my own urge to begin toward storytelling.

All these stories and experiences eventually have bottled down into this exciting mix that led me to forming Purple Horn. The name spells: story, mystery and excitement, and that’s how I have lived my life. I have lived every journey from one experience to another but always trying to blend it all. The colours as well that were decided were a strong match to my character and my life. ‘Purple’, for me stood for magic, mystery and story. ‘Yellow’, spelt fun, quirky and a young at heart feeling. Why the ‘Horn’. If you see it clearly it is through the horn only that I have managed to stand out, make a statement, create some buzz, try to manage to get people’s attention. All of this melts into perfectly formed mix that’s ‘Purple Horn’.

I’ am aware that my journey though is 5 years old now but, it is still a journey in the making with a lot of stories to be still told and explored. At the end of the day, we believe that no journey is untold unless we have a story to share. Afterall the great William Shakespeare also, couldn’t say it better, ‘All the world’s a stage and all men and women are merely players.’ So never give up on dreaming and the excitement of a tomorrow.

From the Purple Desk!

Team Purple

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