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The Power of Engaging Work Spaces

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Let's first try and understand workspace cultures and how they evolved since over this past decade! How were our work spaces then? They were either covered in plain glass or white walls with long and cumbersome file cabinets. Some offices were also packed with employees in tight environments. Offices of the past also didn't have to tend too much towards the young, they were majorly occupied by a generation of employees who were comfortable with what the market and trends were of that period.

So what does this mean? Were work spaces then and today also impacted by trends, branding, marketing expansions, hiring of young blood, collaborations or mergers with global organisations and more. The answer to this is - YES! In recent time, the one biggest industry expansion has been without a doubt the IT sector and all it's sub-business verticals. As more and more youngsters moved abroad and those who were already abroad chose to move back to India to help and enable a better life and provide opportunity to our own people...the mindset towards branding and work spaces changed as well.

Today, the boom in work spaces are largely a direct result of opportunity & change. The market today unlike a decade back is seeing a whole lot of change and with it opportunity. There's a sudden surge of young blood into the working ecosystem. A decade back the work culture environment was hugely dominated by mid 35's and above working audiences who were grown into a system that offered only 'so much' opportunity and potential for them to go out there and express themselves. This doesn't mean that the generation then was less productive or less creative in their approach to work. It was just a cultural mindset and requirement then that fit what was on offer then.

As they say time and change are never constant. One needs to keep moving forward and making adaptations to one's lifestyle and requirements. The economic boom that hit India in the last decade was largely on account of the IT sector and the boom of foreign players who came to India on the backbone of opportunity and change. India, today is a changed chapter in the making. I dare to say 'In the Making' because this is very true! We are still adapting to the change and opportunity that's on offer. Hence, the reason why work spaces of today have had to turn to becoming yuppie! trendy! welcoming! and easy for every employee. We are in a time today where opportunity brings forth a freewill to change! This isn't bad but, it's equally important to be ready for the generation that comes next through the doors of opportunity!

So what defines a good workspace? Let's put this into simple thoughts....

  • Comfortable Working Environment

  • Pleasant to the eye in terms of comfort

  • Appealing to the appropriate generation of audience

  • Not too cluttered

  • Avoid too many corners, cavities or dead-ends

  • Plug & Play culture

  • Carbon Footprint & Eco-friendly

  • Offices of the future

The Solution:

The market today is filled with options to meet your every working space needs. The more newer companies such as tech startups or startups across industry are getting to become a lot more comfortable with co-working spaces.

Why co-work spaces are a hit today:

  • No stress of paying rent + monthly fixed commitments + maintenance

  • Can pick up and move anytime with as low as a 1 months notice

  • All amenities are taken care off

  • Structures and systems in place to cater to all back-end office needs

On the other hand why taking up an independent workspace is also a good choice:

  • Can be built flexibly as per 'YOUR' requirement

  • Maintenance of property and amenities will be directly under the company's control and care

  • The workspace can be built and modified and rebuilt with time as per 'YOUR' requirement

  • Can be good for long-term ownership

Where do we as Brand Consultants feature?

  • We work with the client to identify their vision and dream

  • We work in the most flexible manner to help the client's dream come through

  • We sensitize with their visions and plans depending largely on how their budgets are defined

  • As we understand space no matter what the space we can deliver what is required

So, let's communicate and understand your vision, dream and requirement for your work space!

From the Purple Desk!

Team Purple

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