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Turning into a New Page! New Beginnings!

Since starting PurpleHorn in 2016...our journey has bene like one story of self-exploration to another. Every time a journey began it was like starting out on a blank canvas with just memories and emotions of the recently concluded chapter and using the tools at hand aiming to embark on the next chapter.

Until this day, people who meet me still ask me who and what PurpleHorn is all about? I give them various versions. To some I tell them that PurpleHorn is a passion project of mine between what I like and what I do. Those who know me PurpleHorn is a solo-entrepreneurship journey. I have along the way met many interesting clients with whom I have worked it or sometimes just connected with them on ideas and coffee at their offices. I have also, met some very interesting vendor partners with whom I have done some interesting jobs for my clients.

Being the brandpreneur and solo-face behind PurpleHorn was a choice chosen deliberately also, done on purpose to help and assist my mind to be connected with many minds and done different perspectives. After an eventful 4 years and then to be hit by the pandemic which almost took me out of business...I had to take a pause and understand which route moving forward makes sense. The world sitting at home was still continuing to be in business and from a tangible atmosphere we all landed into the world of technology and digital. It's not like these tools weren't there before but, at least before the pandemic they were mostly used as fun social tools. But, the pandemic suddenly converted these fun social tools into fun - business - community tools. By adding business and community into the mix we allowed our businesses to graduate into a new canvas which suddenly was filled with many hands wanting to feed off the same pie.

At PurpleHorn as well...I too chose to reinvent the wheel and so we as well jumped onto the digital bang wagon. Our first post was back on 2nd November 2016 almost 8 months.

As the journey further unfolded over the years by the measure of the posts that we have been sharing given our experiences...our brand journey was just a reflection of how we have evolved with them.

With time, our posts and our stories have also evolved and our journey has only just begun.

Along with the need of the hour to adapt and add digital marketing into the fold...we also decided a major change...

To take wind of the changing times and with due process and diligence we decided to change our look and presentation. We are happy to present our new look and our new approach of thinking.

The objective was to bring about sustainability, fluidity and yet continue to maintain a sense of freshness, mystery and story.

Our journey has just begun given all the struggles and successes...time to turn the page and unravel new opportunities.

- Fom The Purple Desk!

a Purple Head

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