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Behind The Scenes With Our Team

Purple Busters

As your Brand Consulting agency, our commitment & passion for creating meaningful change for our clients is what sets us in motion all the time. Team Purple believe in their craft. Our team works tirelessly to give you a good product. We're in the journey of Building Brand Stories!


Noel Alok

Brandpreneur @ PurpleHorn

A brandpreneur at heart! I have always loved everything about brands. 
It's from that love and my early years of education and then working wherein I gained the skills to find meaning and happiness in what I do. 

It's from that passion and love for brands which lead me to start Purplehorn

in 2016. The brand I represent and the clients I work for are all crucial pillars of the foundation I have embarked to ensure to achieve. 

As a consultant, I have had the fortune to choose the kind of clients I have wanted to get associated with. The ability for ideas or visions to be able to meet a true creative bliss and satisfaction high is one of my true callings.


My team as well that represents me on work are not just sound and able calm to arms but, they understand the philosophy that I live by day in and out. Every client requires a great piece of art..and their enablers to their vision we work the right tools and mediums to deliver that much desired piece of art to them.

Let's explore your story together!

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