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About Us

Beginning our routes in a small way back in 2016, the story we wanted to always talk was off work done differently and with purpose. For many branding has always been seen as an expense element. Many do not even realise the power of branding that they carry with them day in and out. Those who have sailed through the clutter always engage branding services through some large networks.


At Purplehorn, we have always been driven by the brand story of so many small to medium size clients who never take on the challenge of branding and just use branding not for what it's worth but just the tools it provides. 


For us we have always asked our clients 3 important questions: Why? How? & What? Most often this is where our expertise comes in wherein we start to develop these points first with the client and then breakdown to branding. 


At the end of the day we love everything about brands. So let's together start Building Brand Stories!

From the Purple Desk

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