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Brand Therapy Thursdays: Acknowledging The Truth

Brand Therapy Thursdays: Acknowledging The Truth

For some time now, we have been running a special story on our social media platforms called Brand Therapy Thursday. So why only on Thursdays and what are we talking about?

After a crazy start to a busy work week, Thursdays generally becomes that day that slowly transforms into the reminder of the week which is a weekend. This week we have an interesting topic to talk about under brand therapy. We speak about the power of "Truth". So, how does being true work for you as a brand and your process of working? Let us understand this a bit.

What is Branding?

Many books, professors, marketing gurus or MBA holders will all have their own spin to this subject. If I am asked..Branding is the stage wherein a client and their creative creators work towards making something that’s meaningful, relatable and memorable. They say the initial primary stages of branding is one of the toughest processes. Sometimes the process is done with zero slowdowns or simply making the whole processes a tough experience. All of this is done before any marketing communication plan can be made.

The above cycle doesn't stop here. It's a never ending process that keeps forcing you and the brand to keep reinventing yourself. Once this is achieved brands can then use any of the communication platforms available to them that best fits their agenda. A brand can either advertise, hold events, run activations, conduct public relations or digital advertising. In order to stay relevant and earn respect from your audience or stakeholders of employees a brand needs one element that binds this all together. It’s the glue to the finished product. It’s like the nuts and bolts that hold everything in its place. I am talking about “TRUTH”.

A brand has to stay true to their core values and instincts. A brand has to stay true to its roots and belief systems at the same time a brand has to be ethical. A successful brand has always stood firm on this DNA. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Apple; ever since the late great Steve Jobs took back the reigns of Apple, the brand’s position and market presence was set for greatness. The products are just tools and measures of furthering that greatness. But, the core was in its philosophy which according to Steve Jobs he felt was missing when he got back.

Back home, take Tata Group. This is a group that’s built its legacy on the merit of being relatable and approachable. Tata is one unique brand that houses both luxury names and everyday names and yet they have steadily built their legacy. So, what’s Tata’s secret sauce? Across the board if you see The Tata group has built its legacy on humanity, philanthropy and ethics. So, as an entrepreneur what’s your brand story? Whats your kick? What’s your motive? Whats your “TRUTH” story.

What's your story? Let’s hear it.

Building Brand Stories!

(About the Author: Noel Alok is a solo entrepreneur who comes with a varied body of work of building brand stories thats spanned over a decade. Purple Horn is a brand inclusive agency that believes in creating brand stories and memories for clients that they can relate and experience it with their audience)

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